The Immortal Regiment will march through the streets of Munich on May 9th

27.04.2017, Germany.

On April 26, the socio-political movement “Essence of Time” announced in its press release that the “Immortal Regiment” March, which is dedicated to the Victory Day of the Soviet Union over Nazism and fascism, will take place in Munich on May 9.  The “Essence of Time“ organizes this action.

The memorial march will go from Wittelsbacherplatz to the Plaza of the Victims of National Socialism in the northern part of Maximiliansplatz, where flowers will be laid at the Monument and a rally will take place. The rally will be dedicated to Victory Day.

During the rally, information stands in Russian and German will display documents and photographs about the Great Patriotic War1 and the heroism of the Soviet people.

The purpose of the event is to honor the memory of the Soviet people: soldiers, officers, those who labored in the rear; the entire Soviet people, who defeated fascism together.

The first “Immortal Regiment” March was held in 2012 in the Russian city of Tomsk.  At that time, five thousand people took part in the event. This idea was welcomed, and it found a response across Russia and around the world. In 2013, the marches were held in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. In 2014, this initiative came to cities in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Israel. In 2015, during the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War, Russian President Vladimir Putin marched in the Immortal Regiment with a portrait of his father, together with 500,000 people. On May 9, 2015, about four million people in Russia took part in this march.

In 2016, the “Immortal Regiment” initiative covered almost the entire territory of the Russian Federation, and took place in many republics of the former USSR as well as in many cities of Europe and the Americas.

1 The Great Patriotic War is the name used to refer to the part of World War II which started with the Nazis’ invasion of the Soviet Union and ended with the Red Banner over the Reichstag and the defeat of Nazis from the hands of the Soviet people – Editor.

* The original of the picture is by Michael J Fromholtz, license CC BY SA 3.0.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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