Texas on the US aggression against Syria


Our war correspondent, Texas, commenting on the US Navy’s missile strike against the Shayrat airfield in Syria, called this incident aggression against the sovereign nation of Syria.

“The United States made an act of war against the sovereign nation of Syria. It is an act of war. It is illegal; it is prohibited. And the United States acted unilaterally on false pretexts. Foolishly, they act before they even know what the situation is. So, it’s either criminal or it’s criminally stupid because it’s an act of war. They attacked the sovereign nation for no excuse. There is no excuse. They say that they are protecting people, they say that they are fighting terrorism when, in fact, the exact opposite is true. They are murdering people; they are killing the soldiers that are defeating ISIS (organization banned in Russia) in Syria. And they are, in fact, helping ISIS by killing those soldiers. And they are stupidly risking the Third World War.” Texas said.

The war correspondent stressed that the US president allowed himself to be manipulated, and he betrayed the expectations of the people who voted for him, “He allowed himself to be manipulated and controlled by the true Nazis that run the US government”.

“After the act of war – the war crime that the United States committed in Syria yesterday – personally I expect that pretty soon they are going to unleash the Nazi battalion, the Ukrainian army against Donetsk. I think it’s gonna be a big offense here soon. If it does, the Ukrainian army will quickly be crushed,”  Texas added.

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