Hundreds poisoned after US-led coalition airstrike against Islamists’ depot in Syria

14.04.2017, Syria.

Hundreds of Syrians in vicinity of Deir ez-Zor were poisoned after a US-led coalition airstrike against a chemical depot belonging to the ISIL terrorist organization (organization banned in Russia). This was reported by Syrian state information agency SANA, citing The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR).

The report states that the coalition airstrike was conducted on Wednesday, April 12th at 17:30 local time (same as Moscow time). A large number of terrorists were killed.

“After the bombing, yellow smoke rose over the depot, however. This is evidence that toxic chemicals were stored there. As a result, hundreds of people, including civilians, died of poisoning”, informs The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces of the SAR.

Earlier, international media had propagated information regarding a chemical attack conducted by the Syrian Air Force against civilian inhabitants of the Idlib suburb Khan-Sheikhun on 4th of April. The US blamed the attack on the Syrian government. Later, on the night of April 7th, US Navy ships launched a cruise missile strike against Shayrat Air Base in the Homs province with neither Congressional approval, nor a UN resolution. Syrian military personnel were killed, and airbase infrastructure was destroyed as a result of the missile strike.

The US justified its actions by stating that that airbase was allegedly used to launch the chemical attack on Idlib province. To date, there are no facts that prove that the Syrian Armed Forces were involved in the chemical attacks, even if such attacks actually took place.

All chemical weapons had already been removed from Syria in accordance with the UN resolution in 2014. The independent Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons confirmed the absence of chemical weapons from the country in 2016.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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