International Day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps

17.04.2017, DPR.

April the 11th is the International Day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. Donetsk citizens came to the memorial for the Victims of Nazis to pay a tribute to the victims and honor the survivors. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War together with the youth, who in our times are especially reverent towards history, took part in the commemoration event. Alla Ignatievna Stepanova, who went through the Nazi concentration camps as a child and survived against all odds, was among participants, as well. She expressed her enormous gratitude toward soldiers of the Red Army for saving her life and lives of many other prisoners in 1945.

The people of Donbass now stand in the way of a new fascism, which has raised its head in Ukraine, and we hold those who died in that terrible war, and all those who sacrificed their lives for future generations in especially high esteem.

Source: “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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