Humanitarian Aid: Children in Yasinovataya thank the children of Moscow

The schoolchildren of school No 3 in Yasinovataya, in DPR, recited poems and sent their words of gratitude to the schoolchildren of Moscow school No 962 for the humanitarian aid which they received.
The schoolchildren and teachers of school No 962 in Moscow sent 600 kg of humanitarian aid to the children of Yasinovataya: 41 boxes of office supplies and household cleaners, and 30 mattresses, collected as a part of “Children of Russia to Children of Donbass” campaign. The activists of All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization and the members of the “Essence of Time” movement took part in collecting and sending humanitarian aid to Donbass, as well as in delivering the aid to Yasinovataya.

The students exclaimed “Thank you!” in chorus and thanked to the children in Moscow for the aid, “Thank you very much for this care. This is very important for us. We are glad that Russia remember us, helps us,” they said.

“Our school No 3 came under the shelling 3 times. And this aid from the Russian Federation is essential for us. Perhaps, thanks to this aid we will be able to study better, thanks to the office materials, which you have sent to us. Perhaps, this aid will allow us to improve the situation in the school. And this is indeed very important and helpful for our town.,” one of the schoolgirls of school No 3 added.

A schoolgirl from the school in Yasinovataya, Yana, recited a poem about the war, which she wrote.

The rockets are still firing around.
The people had to sit in basements all night long.
And in your heart there is a question that weighs pounds:
“How much more grief will this war bring along?”

Explosions constantly…a sudden hissing sound
And then the sky is all alight with fires,
While so many lives are blown out.
War, why are you so pitiless to us?

In children’s eyes you only see despair
There is no curiosity, no dreams.
And their features, so kind and fair,
Have been misshapen by the war’s cruel whims.

And those young girls who not so long ago
All dreamt of family and love,
To the front lines they have been damned to go
Cursing the war from bottom of their hearts.

But our warriors, so valiant and courageous,
Their courage infinite — our foes envy them.
Because of them we will learn how important
The freedom they are going to bring.

They’ll save our country from the constant fear,
From empty houses that have seen blood and pain.
All soldiers’ names we hold forever dear.
Together we will hail and honor them.

The poems have been translated by Olga Yurchenko. More of her works and some other Soviet songs in English can be found at the site belonging to her and her brother:

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