Kurginyan: It is of no use to the caliphate to take responsibility for this attack

06.04.2017, Russia.

“Essence of Time” movement leader Sergey Kurginyan commented on the strange behavior of ISIS (organization banned in Russia), which did not take responsibility for the explosion in the St. Petersburg metro, on the air of the First Channel in the “First Studio” program on April 5th.

Answering the host’s question Kurginyan noted that the ISIS (organization banned in Russia) terrorists take responsibility even for what they are not involved in, since this gives them easy advertising. “That’s why they are terrorists. But none of these people took responsibility. Strange, you see? This is the strangest part of what happened. For it should seem to be of use to them. Then it is of no use to them. This means they smell something. They are not taking it upon themselves.”

The “Essence of time” movement leader also noted that the style in which the terrorist act was carried out does not resemble the style of ISIS (organization banned in Russia) militants. “Suicide belts arrive from Syria, rather than remote control backpacks,” Kurginyan explained.

On Monday, April 3rd, a suicide bomber exploded himself in a St. Petersburg metro train car moving between the stations “Technological Institute” and “Sennaya Ploshchad”. As a result, 14 people were killed. The terrorist was Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, a native of Kyrgyzstan, born in 1995.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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