March 30 Essence of Time unit in Donbass report

A rapid increase in the intensity of shelling by the Ukrainian side is being observed throughout the day, the situation on the frontline  escalates dramatically.

30.03.2017, DPR.

Ukrainian military increased the number of shellings of DPR territory on the eve of implementation of a new ceasefire, which, according to the agreements reached, is supposed to take place from April 1.

Trench combat continues in the area of Zaytsevo village on Gorlovka sector of the front. Ukrainian military is shelling the residential districts and positions of DPR forces by artillery, mortars, and large-caliber machine guns. Ukrainian recon drones were spotted in the sky.

The situation on Yasinovataya and Donetsk sectors of the front is escalating. Armed Forces of Ukrainian shelled Mineralnoye village, three houses were damaged. Yasinovataya came under a massive Ukrainian artillery shelling , two civilians died, several houses were damaged.

18 houses on Populyarnaya, Balakireva, Karnavalnaya, and Dzhamilya streets were fully destroyed or partially damaged as a result of night shelling of Petrovsky district of Donetsk. In addition, school #87 building on Revyakina street, as well as gas pipeline and power lines were damaged. One civilian woman was hospitalized with shrapnel wounds.

Ukrainian military shelled Dokuchaevsk south of Donetsk. One house was damaged.

Sakhanka village in Novoazovsky village of DPR came under Ukrainian artillery fire, two houses were damaged. Power and gas supply of the village was disrupted.

According to DPR intelligence, Ukrainian Armed Forces Command is deploying Azov (organization banned in Russia) regiment militants to Donetsk sector of the front. The Nazis are expected to be positioned in the area of Novomikhailovka, Stepnoye, Slavnoye, Sladkoye, and Berezovoye villages west of Donetsk, as well as in the area of Novotroitskoye and Taramchuk villages south of DPR capital.

On March 29 Armed Forces of Ukraine violated the ceasefire 70 times. 20 towns and villages of DPR came under Ukrainian artillery fire.

Source: “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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