Destruction in the Kievsky district of Donetsk

On the night of March 28th to the 29th, the Ukrainian military shelled the Kievsky district in Donetsk. Several houses were damaged, one civilian, a woman, was killed.
“The whole world needs to know about the crimes that are being committed here by the Ukrop army with payment and training, and weapons from the West, from the USA, from Canada, from the EU. Those states-sponsors of Ukrop terrorism. There is US military training the Ukrop Nazis how to fire their artillery better right now. And the people of those countries in the West, the people of the US, of Canada, of the EU, they need to know what their God damned governments are doing. It’s states-sponsors of terrorism. The blood of Galina is on their hands, it’s on your hands. And lets you do something about it,” Texas said.

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