Russian civil society helps Donbass

The 3rd Independent Special Forces Battalion of the DPR People’s Militia received a shipment of medical supplies and equipment: comfortable boots, socks, BDUs, sleeping bags, and thermal underwear.
The aid was collected thanks to a volunteer named Olga Kurygina, and empathetic residents of Archangel’sk, Rostov-on-Don, and Leningrad.

Many thanks to Aleksandr Yevgenyevich, Abbot Theodoseus (Nesterov), Ilya Evgenyevich, Yaroslav Yur’evich, Maksim Gennadyevich, Yelena Anatolyevna Galushina, Sergey Aleksandrovich Palkin, Evgeniy Rasparin, Valentin Ivanskiy, Yelena Popova, Nina Anatolyevna Yurkovskaya, Aleksandr Krasnoperov, and Olga Krygina for their support!

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