The People of Ukraine have the right to rebel – Sergey Kurginyan

16.02.2017, Russia.

If the constitution is trampled down, if power is usurped, if a junta seized power, the people have the right to rebel, Essence of Time movement leader Sergey Kurginyan stated during the show “First Studio” on Russian Channel One on February 15th.

Sergey Kurginyan told viewers how the present extreme situation in Donbass had emerged and what needs to be done by Russia. He stressed that the forces, which seized power in Kiev as a result of a coup, have nothing to do with law, and what they did was tear the Ukrainian Constitution into pieces thus paralyzing everything. This gives the people of Ukraine the right to rebel.

“In rebelling, the people of Donetsk are following this absolute law (under which people have the right to rebel if the law is trampled down and the people’s rights are violated). If Thomas Jefferson or George Washington were resurrected, they would say: “They are right to rebel!”. And we [Russia] supported this [rebellion] as is our duty to support this fraternal people!” Sergey Kurginyan stated.

At the moment, the situation in Donbass has once again reached a balance, the political scientist continued.

“The question now is how should be this balance changed? In which direction? Who and how (will do it)? This is the next question,” Essence of Time movement leader Sergey Kurginyan ponders.

According to the Article 108 of the Ukrainian constitution, the President can be removed from office prior to the end of his term through the procedure of impeachment for treason or another crime committed by the President. The impeachment procedure, further spelled out in Article 111, was not followed with Yanukovych. This situation was described by Doctor of law, Research Fellow of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law Christian Marxsen in his article “The Crimea Crisis. An International Law Perspective” in 2014.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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