DPR sappers teach children how to behave when encountering explosive device

13.02.2017, DPR.

Over 100 schoolchildren attended a lesson in courage* in school No 113 of the front-line district of Petrovsky in Donetsk. This lesson was organized by activists from the “Donetsk Republic” social movement. The children learned safety measures in the event of finding an explosive device, and they watched a video about the war in Donbass.

The Deputy Head of the Central Executive Committee of “Donetsk Republic” social movement Andrey Kramar and the Donetsk People’s Republics People’s Council member Aleksandr Simonenko paid a visit to the school.

“You, the children of the frontline zone, have first-hand knowledge of war. You often hear the sounds of explosions. You are becoming firmer, stronger, and, I would say, undefeatable. You are witnessing History in the making,” Kramar addressed to the children.

The lesson took place in the school gym. Professional sappers showed the kids what mortar shells, anti-personnel mines, grenades, and expanding bullets look like. In addition, the DPR sappers explained that the Ukrainian military often utilizes improvised explosive devices disguised as pens, mobile telephones, and even toys.

“We will do our utmost to guarantee the safety and happiness of our children; they are the ones who will build our future,” Simonenko stated in his turn.

Representatives of the“Russian Bear” patriotic club also took part in the event. They showed the children a video about the war in Donbass, and they demonstrated hand-to-hand combat techniques.

“During the lesson, I learned that it is not okay to touch dangerous objects, and I have seen what they look like. This is very useful information, since we live not far from the front. I also liked the demonstration presented by the guys from the patriotic club. I would like to be just as strong, brave, and skillful,” a sixth-grade student Ilya Grishin shared his impressions with a reporter of Donetsk News Agency.

Petrovsky district is in the western part of the capital of Donetsk People’s Republic. It is one of the districts, which are most heavily damaged by the Ukrainian military’s shelling. Some residential areas here are only one kilometer away from the nearest position of the enemy.

Source: Donetsk News Agency

* The general idea of the “lessons in courage”, a long-lasting tradition, is to remind schoolchildren about the war against fascism in the XX century and to explain them what fascism is. The modern-day lessons in courage in Donetsk People’s Republic also cover the topic concerning the required safety measures for the war period to the students.

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