Protsenko: Kiev ‘is shooting itself in the foot’ by blocking Donbass coal shipments

09.02.2017, DPR.

Kiev, through its “professional patriots” blocking shipments of coal from Donbass, is worsening the already miserable socio-economic situation for its people, the Head of the Centre of Sociological Research “Special Status”, Doctor of Political Sciences Aleksandr Protsenko informed Lugansk Information Center.

On January 25th, in Popasnyansky district, 50 men in camouflage, led by Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament – Editor) MPs Semen Semenchenko, Pavel Kostenko, Taras Pastukh, Vladimir Parasyuk, started blocking of the movement of trains carrying coal. The Ukrainian Minister of Energy and Coal Mining Igor Nasalik has claimed that rolling blackouts could start in Ukraine in March if the blockade would not be lifted. Furthermore, due to the blockade, Ukrainian private electric utility companies are trying to arrange the delivery of 1 million tons of anthracite coal from the U.S.

“Ukraine, through its professional “patriots”, is once again ‘shooting itself in the foot’  in another bout of unnatural patriotism,” Protsenko stressed.

“No other words exist to describe what “patriotic parasites” such as Semen Semenchenko are trying to do. It is not so hard to explain their behavior – under conditions of the absolute devaluation of their electoral significance and the looming special parliamentary elections; they have to attract attention to themselves and find some place [in the political process] by any means,” the political analyst explained.

“It is harder to explain why the [Ukrainian] authorities agree to such “freedom of action” and allow somebody to question their own monopoly on the use of force and on executive power in general. The answer to this question is that, unfortunately, Semen Semenchenko and those similar to him are the current Ukrainian state, its basis, its ‘mind, honor, and conscience’a”, Protsenko continued.

In his opinion, as long as the [Ukrainian] authorities cannot and do not want to keep “marginal provincials with MP status” in check, the country will have to overpay and look for ways out [of the situation] by buying more expensive and lower quality coal from the U.S.

“In principal, though the concept of being worse off in spite of the “enemy” has not yet become a national idea, it has certainly become a national pastime,” the expert summarized.

Source: Lugansk Information Center

a These three words are the part of Vladimir Lenin’s phrase “Party is the mind, honor, and conscience of our time” written in his article “Political blackmail” (1917). This phrase is the part of characterization of his political party – Editor)

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