Ukraine fires missiles on Donetsk, city rocked by powerful explosion

02.02.2017, DPR.

Presently Donetsk is being violently shelled by Ukrainian military.

Tochka-U missiles, large-caliber artillery and “Uragan” multiple rocket launchers were fired. Several 152mm shells and “Uragan” rockets exploded on “Motel” bus station, one of them hit a gas-filling station, resulting in an explosion crater five meters in diameter.

A powerful explosion rocked “Motel” bus station, the blast wave was felt by Donetsk, Makeevka, Hartsyzk residents. A cistern with gas is burning on the bus station. Witnesses claim that a military equipment store on the other on the other side of the “Motel” is destroyed.

There are casualties, one civilian is officially confirmed dead. Ten people were injured.

A house on 8, Tokmakskaya str. near the bus station is fully destroyed.

A gas pipe is damaged in Chernogvardeysky district.

Several other buildings were hit.

Source: Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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