Combat in DPR continued throughout the night and morning

02.02.2017, DPR.

The combat along the contact line was underway all night, February 2nd, and it continues. Since the evening of February 1st, the Ukrainian military fired 255 shells and mortar rounds at the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

According to the administration of Kievsky district of Donetsk, two civilians were injured during the evening of February 1st. Information on those injured during the past night is being updated.

According to Gorlovka residents, the Ukrainian war criminals shelled south-western and northern suburbs of the city using mortars and small arms. Electric power and cellular communication were lost. The villages of Zaytsevo and Golmovsky (north of Gorlovka) were also shelled by the Ukrainian army using mortars and self-propelled artillery vehicles (SAV).

The areas of Logvinovo and Uglegorsk are being shelled by tanks, SAV, and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) “Grad”.

Late in the night, February 1st, at 11:38 PM, Svobody str. near the Gorlovsky highway in Yasinovataya came under the artillery fire of the Ukrainian army.

Fighting continued throughout the night at the “Yasinovataya” checkpoint.

Ukrainian units shelled the positions of DPR People’s Militia in the area of Avdeevka industrial zone. Fire came from the village of Novgorodskoye.

During the past night, the combat continued along the perimeter: Avdeevka industrial zone (the eastern part) – Verkhnetoretskoye, including the villages of Krutaya Balka and Vasilevka.

In the evening, February 1st, since around 10 PM, high intensity fighting involving mortars, heavy artillery, and MLRS erupted in the area of Spartak.

Kalininsky and Chervonogvardeysky districts of Makeevka were heavily shelled, the shelling was conducted from the town of Avdeevka.

120mm mortar rounds hits were registered in the village of Trudovskiye of Donetsk. The outskirts of the former Donetsk airport were shelled using MLRS “Grad”.

Leninskoye and Komintermovo were shelled by the Ukrainian army from positions near the village of Sartana.

Source: Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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