Situation at the frontline in DPR

01.02.2017, DPR.

The residents of villages and towns of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) spent last night, February 1st, hearing the sounds of almost constant shelling.

The situation is extremely tense along the whole front line. The Ukrainian army is using multiple launch rocket systems, heavy artillery, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, heavy machine guns, and automatic grenade launchers. The Ukrainian army shells not only the positions and lines of communications of DPR People’s Militia but also DPR villages, towns, and cities including Donetsk.

The return fire is complicated for DPR People’s Militia units.

Two attack helicopters of the Ukrainian army were spotted near the town of Avdeevka, but there is no information on their use in combat.

DPR People’s Militia is in a difficult situation, but it continues to hold its positions. Unfortunately, there are casualties among the militiamen.

Taking advantage of that the DPR People’s Militia’s strict adherence to the Minsk agreements, the Kiev Junta’s punitive forces took up the positions in the so-called “gray zone”. Practically speaking, the Ukrainian military has occupied territories, which are supposed to be free of any military forces, and it is now storming DPR positions.

In cases when the People’s Militia units successfully resist and make counterattacks against the Ukrainian military, Ukraine immediately requests a ceasefire, appealing to Minsk Agreements and OSCE mission.

“Seeing these persistent shameless violations [of the Minsk Agreements] on the part of Ukraine, it is harder and harder to understand the meaning of “Minsk II Agreements”, and why do Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics need them?”, one of the officers of People’s Militia said to a reporter of Rossa Primavera Information Agency.

“It would seem that mostly Kiev junta benefits from ‘Minsk II Agreements’. At least, for DPR residents, it looks like this,” he added.

Source: Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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