LPR Head’s statement on language genocide against the Ukrainian citizens

24.01.2017, LPR.

The other day, the Ukrainian clique introduced a draft law defining Ukrainian as the only official language and, in fact, prohibiting the usage of Russian language even in shops. We see that not only radicals but also the so-called acting authorities embrace nationalistic beliefs.

Today, the economy of Ukraine lies in ruins; fierce combats are underway along the whole front-line, people are being killed. Instead of solving the existing internal problems of the country, the Kiev junta has found another root of all troubles. In Kiev junta’s opinion, the passing of this law draft will resolve all the state’s conflicts in one fell swoop.

There were such attempts in the history of Ukraine previously. Ever since the independence of Ukraine, the politicians of this country tried to convince their compatriots that Ukraine and Russia have nothing in common. And we see that none of their actions has succeeded.

This draft law introduced by 30 Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament – Editor) MPs is a manifestation of fascist ideas based on the superiority of one nation over others, as well as the racism and Ukrainian chauvinism.

A ban on speaking in Russian is a language genocide in the country where Russian is the native language for the vast majority of the people.

It is characteristic of this draft law that it was introduced by the MPs from Self Reliance political party representing the Western regions of Ukraine, where successors of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and Stepan Bandera are living now.

Lugansk People’s Republic was established following the fight of Donbass people for their right to speak in their native language [Russian]. We have no doubt that, in future, our strife will certainly be an example to follow for the people of other regions of Ukraine, and that they will fight for their right to speak in their native Russian language.

The Head of Lugansk People’s Republic

I.V. Plotnitsky

Source: LuganskInformCenter

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