Essence of Time newspaper article series: The Right to Oxygen, all parts


This is the translation of the series of articles published in “Essence of Time” newspaper by Sergey Kurginyan on the new ongoing mutation of capitalism. Capitalism is destroying nation states in favor of a global state; it is destroying the family as an institution, and it is reformatting itself into something entirely anti-humanistic. In doing so, the new mutated capitalism, with its twin brothers, neofascism and radical Islamism, inevitably clashes with classic capitalism. Whose side should Communists be on in this battle?

Part I:

“Antimaidan march” in Moscow. February 21, 2015

Capitalism is mutating. On one hand, it exists, and we see that we live in the midst of it. On the other hand, it is rewriting its own fundamental codes. In fact, it’s doing so in such a profound way, that it has become unclear whether or not this is still even capitalism.

Part II:

Meeting of the BRICS leaders with members of the BRICS Business Council photo by, licensed under CC BY 4.0

In China and Vietnam, we are dealing with capitalism behind a communist facade. Modern Russia presents itself as a classical capitalist state. Meanwhile, in the West capitalism is mutating. The conflict is taking place within capitalism itself. Certain parties exist that talk about the necessity of a non-capitalist future for the humanity (Essence of Time being one of them), and certain groups align themselves with these parties. But there are no longer any communist states. All of the states that didn’t reject communist ideology after the collapse of the Soviet superpower were forced to integrate themselves into capitalism in a certain manner

Part III:

US President Ronald Reagan meeting with the Afghan mujaheddin

These forces (#1 – mutacapitalism, #2 – classicism, #3 – neocommunism, and #4 pre-capitalist fundamentalism of the pseudo-religious and neo-fascist varieties) are the reality of our era. The alliance between force #1 and force #4 served as the basis of all that happened in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Chile, Afghanistan, and in the course of the so-called Arab Spring. Precisely the same happened in Ukraine. This is what we are fighting against. The alliance between force #2 and force #3 has been spontaneously taking form from the moment that force #3 came out of its stupor. This turned out to be directly related to Essence of Time and its activities. Many understand this, both in Russia and abroad. The enemy is most afraid of an alliance of neo-communists, who reject blind retro worship as well as postmodernist “leftism”, and conservatives who reject the temptations of fascism and neo-fascism.

Part IV:

The Russian elite during Vladimir Putin’s inauguration

Which will happen first: the emergence of an alliance between the new communists and the classical conservatives to combat mutacapitalism or the final merger between the mutacapitalists and the proponents of a questionable archaicity to install a liberal fascism?

Part V:

If we allow the final mutation of capitalism and the victory of the mutacapitalism which will fully outline itself on the other side of this final mutation, then we will have to say goodbye to humanness itself. We will have to come to terms with the construction of hell on Earth, a kingdom of lawlessness, a kingdom of absolute evil. Hitler had already tried to build this kingdom once. But, all of his exquisitely sinister inventions will look like innocent mischief once the final capitalist mutation will come to pass, and all that this mutation will beget will materialize. Only decades are left.

Part VI:

Militiamen near Debaltsevo

During the first phase, an easily suppressible focus of armed resistance always takes form. In Donbass, many people contributed to its formation. Bezler, Khodakovsky, Ponomarev, Zakharchenko (just listing these names in alphabetical order). But then, Strelkov wedged himself into the process of forming this focus. What then began can be called a conscious attempt to arrest this development, so that it would never move past the first phase, the phase in which precisely an easily suppressible focus of armed resistance develops.

Part VII:

President Putin arrives to People’s Republic of China for G20 summit photo by, licensed under CC BY 4.0

Which will happen first: the emergence of Russian classical capitalism as a force ready to unite other nationally-oriented states of Europe, Asia, Latin America to fight mutacapitalism and an alliance between this force and the neo-communist forces advocating for the possibility of non-capitalist development, or that which the mutacapitalists are preparing in alliance with proponents of fascist and radical Islamist archaicity? The latter are, first and foremost, preparing to overthrow Putin, and they are not hiding this.


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