Fighting in Debaltsevo started when Ukrainian army tried to occupy the “grey zone”

20.12.2016, Donbass.

The fighting in Debaltsevo area started with Ukrainian army’s attempt at a breakthrough in the so-called “grey zone” and occupy advantageous positions in LPR People’s Militia area of responsibility, the head of LPR People’s Militia administration colonel Oleg Anashenko told LuganskInformCenter.

“I want to emphasize that the fighting started from the attempt of Ukrainian army’s 54th brigade to break through the so-called ‘grey zone’ and occupy advantageous positions in the area of our responsibility,” he noted.

“Our units courageously engaged in defense battle, persistently held their ground under powerful artillery and tank fire of outnumbering enemy forces. We didn’t surrender a piece of land to the enemy,” Anashenko added.

The head of the administration emphasized that People’s Militia units will “hold their ground and defend the people of Lugansk region from attempts to capture it.”

He also noted that “In spite of the memorandum and common sense, OSCE international monitors still don’t any effective measures to compel Ukrainian government to implement the agreements reached in Minsk.”

“Our hearts are filled today with the unredeemable pain of loss and grief for the killed servicemen of LPR People’s militia, who gave their lives in the struggle for freedom against the yellow-blue and red-black Ukrainian Nazi plague,” Anashenko said.

Earlier the head of the medical service of the brigade, which participated in the combat in Kalinovka area, lieutenant Viktor Klimenko told LuganskInformCenter that People’s Militia lost two people dead in the battles near Kalinovka, another three were injured.


Source: LuganskInformCenter (2)

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