Syrian war situation as of December 16, 16:50 CET


Al-Masdar: On Thursday ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) terrorists launched yet another offensive on T-4 airbase, having attacked checkpoints and small defensive positions to the north, east and south of the airbase.

The assault started with a series of suicide bombers attacks on the fortifications of Syrian Arab Army erected along the Palmyra-Homs highway. The explosions were heard from miles away.

After this ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) militants attacked the positions of pro-government forces, which resulted in heavy fighting that continued almost throughout the whole day. It should be noted that extremists actively used multiple rocket launchers in the course of the assault.

Thanks to the help of aviation, which kept striking for most part of the day, Syrian forces managed to repel terrorists, who lost 35 militants in the course of the combat.

It is being reported that after this the units of Syrian Arab Army and allied forces counterattacked, but not much more had been reported.


08:17 RIA Novosti: The recent events in Palmyra are a result of uncoordinated actions of the coalition headed by the United States, Syrian authorities and Russia, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Al-Masdar: Hezbollah and Republican Guard reinforcements arrived to the east of Homs province.

10:04 TASS: Syrian Armed Forces commanders sent reinforcements to Palmyra (240 km away from Damascus) to repel the attacks of terrorists on the western and south-western parts of the front. SANA news agency reported on Friday that after the weather got better, aviation became possible to be used to strike columns and masses of ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) extremists.

10:20 RIA Novosti: Syrian TV reported that militants in East Aleppo attempted to take hostages while leaving the city.

10:16 RIA Novosti: Syrian TV reported that militants opened fire on the exit from Ramuse neighborhood in East Aleppo, through which the evacuation corridor leads.

10:54 Federal News Agency: Syrian army sent reinforcements to Palmyra. 70 militants have been eliminated in the area of Abu Qilla dam, 13 off-road vehicles with machine guns and other military hardware have been disabled. Syrian Air Forces and artillery eliminated another 46 terrorists, as well as seven military transport vehicles in Qasr al-Hayr district, where militants attempted to use vehicles with bombs against military checkpoints.

Militants violate the agreement and try to smuggle heavy weaponry from East Aleppo.

11:38 RIA Novosti: Shooting is once again heard on Ramuse checkpoint in Syrian East Aleppo, which was earlier shelled by militants, Al-Ikhbariya TV channel reports on Friday.

Al Masdar: Terrorists violated the agreement on the evacuation from Aleppo, having opened fire on a column of buses that was moving through Ramuse neighborhood, Al-Masdar News war correspondent reports. According to him, militants attempted to smuggle several units of large-caliber guns, which is directly banned by the agreement. Besides, in violation of the agreement terrorists smuggled several civilians out of the city in the direction of Idlib province – in essence, they were taken hostage.

Syrian army units responded by blocking the road, which passes through Ramuse neighborhood, and stopped the evacuation. As the correspondent writes, the possibility of renewing the military operation is being evaluated. According to his information, currently 9500 people left Aleppo as a part of the agreement, out of approximately 15 thousand people who initially stayed in the districts under the control of militants.

14:03 RIA Novosti: Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria denies the reports that one of the vehicle columns with 950 militants and their families heading out of Aleppo was forced to return.

16:45 Al Masdar: Explosion rocks Al-Midan district of Damascus, targeting a police station.
According to preliminary information, a child suicide bomber detonated a suicide belt at the entrance of the police station. The suicide bomber was killed by the explosion, three police officers are injured.

This is the first terrorist attack in Damascus since June 11, 2016. Back then ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) terrorists attacked Sayedda Zainab temple in the south of Damascus, as a result of which many people were killed and injured.


Source: Syria and Iraq War Pulse Online


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