December 16 Essence of Time unit in Donbass situation report (with map)

16.12.2016, DPR.

The situation is still far from calm on the outskirts of Gorlovka. Armed Forces of Ukraine provoke trench warfare on the northern outskirts of the city, in the area of Zaytsevo village, firing large-caliber machine guns and mortars. In the evening Ukrainian military intentionally fired on “Mayorsk” checkpoint by IFV guns and small arms at the moment when civilians were crossing the frontline. Fortunately, nobody got hurt.

Spartak village in the north of Donetsk, as well as Trudovskie and Aleksandrovka villages west of the city were shelled by Ukrainian army by 120mm and 82mm mortars. Trench warfare continues in the area of Avdeevka industrial zone.

Extremely tense situation is being registered on the southern direction. Throughout the day Armed Forces of Ukraine continuously shelled Sakhanka village. Leninskoye and Kominternovo villages in Novoazovsky district of DPR came under artillery fire.

DPR recon continues to register large numbers of Ukrainian military hardware and artillery on Gorlovka, Donetsk and Mariupol directions near the contact line.

DPR People’s Militia summed up the past week. In the past seven days Ukrainian side violated the ceasefire 9041 times, which is 1500 times less than the week before. 22 towns and villages of the Republic came under Ukrainian fire, as a result of which 17 buildings were damaged. In the past week 14 Ukrainian recon UAVs were spotted adjusting Ukrainian artillery fire on Donetsk and Mariupol directions.

Today DPR People’s Militia Command showed an attack drone of Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down over Makeevka yesterday. The UAV produced in Ukraine carries plastic explosive with an electric detonator. The use of drones is banned by Minsk Agreements.

Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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