Ukrainian expert: Investments of $300,000 per day required for a successful Maidan coup

16.11.2016, Ukraine.

The next successful coup in Ukraine requires a sponsor, president of the Ukrainian Analytical Center Aleksandr Okhrimenko told on November 16.

“A day of 2013-2014 Maidan cost Ukrainian oligarchs at least 200-300 thousand dollars,” the expert noted. He doesn’t see any prospects of the current protests in Kiev. “No sponsor – no revolution,” Okhrimenko concluded.

On November 15 a protest against corruption took place in the center of Ukrainian capital. In the morning its participants, discontent with the drop of standard of living in the country, blocked Grushevskogo, Institutskaya and part of Kreshatik streets. Activists shouted “Away with the gang!”.

On November 14 the co-star of the first Maidan and current leader of “Batkivshina” political party Yulia Timoshenko urged Ukrainians to join the indefinite protests (“third Maidan”) in the center of Kiev. According to her, Poroshenko and National Bank of Ukraine became, in essence, a pillar of corruption, while the head of the state appointed his business partners to the key positions in the country.



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