Fighter jets of Ukrainian Air Force flying over the contact line

14.11.2016, LPR.

Aviation of the Ukrainian Air Force are conducting the realistic combat training along the contact line, the People’s Militia of Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) informed on November 13th.

According to our information, one tactical ballistic missile complex ‘Tochka-U’ is deployed near Petrenkovo village of Novoaidarsky district. Also, the Ukrainian aviation is conducting exercises in the same area,” the People’s Militia of the Republic informed.

Since November 3rd, the local residents of Novoaidarsky district are daily registering the training flights of 2 front-line fighting jets Sukhoi Su-25. The jets are starting from Severodonetsk town in the direction of Novoaidar village and flying along the contact line. According to our information, these flights are intended for the realistic combat training of the pilots,” the People’s Militia specified.

Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to violate the Minsk Agreements conditions regarding the deployment of the military equipment near the contact line. Kiev continues to amass the forces in the zone of the punitive operation (so-called, “antiterrorist operation” − Editor). In particular, we spotted the location of 2 batteries of self-propelled guns of the 24th Brigade of the Ukrainian army, 3 km away from Krymskoye village,” the People’s Militia claimed.

LPR People’s Militia also reported that the Ukrainian Command continue to rely on the help of foreign instructors for training soldiers for service in the zone of Kiev junta’s punitive operation.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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