Essence of Time unit in Donbass: Briefly on the current situation

03.11.2016, DPR.

We regularly visit our comrade Schuka. Schuka is vigorous and cheerful — he started to sit on the bed on his own, with a little support he can even get up and make a couple of steps. Schuka constantly exercises, develops his arms and legs. His wounds heal well, after removing the removable cast medics started to work on his right hand. He moves it quite actively already, his fingers start to move as well. Exercises and treatment show results. Ahead is reconstructive surgery, ophthalmology and a lot of individual work. He constantly asks for new audio books, videos on his military specialization, since he can’t read yet. He listens, studies, prepares. Almost every day he gets visited by his wife and little daughter, who come from a nearby town — family support is invaluable.

The previous time we came to see Yura, he was visited by fellow servicemen from his battalion together with Ruyan. He already can walk on his own with a cane. Days and nights he spends on the training grounds, sharing his invaluable experience with his fellow servicemen. And, of course, never forgets about his comrade.

Ruyan and Schuka send their best regards and gratitude to everyone who follows their fate. Their condition is now stable, health of both of them continues to improve. The question regarding Ruyan’s eyesight remains open, but this needs time.


We paid a visit to Bolgarin‘s grave. Spent some time with his father and mom. Each time it becomes more clear how come there was so much good in him and why there was not a slightest shadow of malice, sarcasm, even irony in regards to others. Good people, a wonderful mom. When we were heading towards the cemetery, they showed us the city church that was hit by a Ukrainian shell during a church service. The shell killed three churchgoers. Blessed memory to all who have been killed!

We hosted another weekly discussion club. The topic was “Halloween. Carnival Non-Stop.” It was another interesting discussion, search for truth, reasons, forecast of consequences. The understanding of the problems by the people, their readiness to defend and resurrect our traditional values, so easily replaced by the “consumerist society”, never ceases to delight us. Over 40 members of the club is a kind of achievement, which we wanted to share with you, our readers.

Essence of Time discussion club in Donetsk. October 30, 2016

Everything is the same on the front. Work, daily combat work. People get killed and wounded. Some we knew for a while, some we just recently met…

Currently the groups and units are in need of medicine, considering the season the question of antiviral medication becomes critical. To everyone who has the possibility and desire to help, we publish a list of what’s always in demand:

  • Banding material (bandages, tourniquets, field dressing, cotton)
  • Antiseptics (Chlorhexidine)
  • Painkillers (pills, injections)
  • Antibiotics (pills, injections; Ceftriaxone)
  • Syringes (0.2, 0.5, 10 ml), systems, venflons)
  • Drops for ears, nose, eyes
  • Panthenol (for burns)
  • Akulan
  • Omez, Pancreatin, Essentiale-Forte, L-Lysine
  • Nootropil, Tiocetam, Aminocaproic acid
  • Sodium chloride 0.9%
  • Antiviral medication (Ambroxol, Engystol, Strepsils…)

Also, if you have old push-button cell phones — don’t throw them away, there’s good use for them.

Food products (groats, canned food, macaroni, butter, tea, sweets) and civilian clothes will always be useful for a grateful warrior of the combat and informational front.

There’s nothing to add in regards of military gear — it’s always in demand.


Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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