Nationalist battalions can make Krasny Yar village a new flashpoint

25.10.2016, LPR.

Krasny Yar village at the contact line is at risk of becoming a new flashpoint because of the shellings by nationalist units deployed in the area by Kiev junta, the commander of one of People’s Militia units on duty in this region Sergey (callsign Chibis) said to Lugansk Information Agency (LIA).

He mentioned that the region was relatively calm, while the Ukrainian army was stationed opposite the village.

When the Ukrainian army was here, the situation was relatively calm. When ‘Right Sector‘ and other nationalist battalions came here, the situation turned to worse. It seems that they do not obey Poroshenko, they have their own war, and they are free to do anything they want,” the Commander explained.

After the rotation of the Ukrainian personnel, the “pravoseki” (a derogatory name used to refer to militants of “Right Sector” – Editor) came and began to shell continuously. Yesterday, one of our positions near Krasny Yar village was shelled. No victims reported, an outbuilding was damaged,” he reported.

They missed usually, but this time they caused a little damage. They were shelling using BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle, a PK machine gun, a heavy machine gun “Utyos” and, also, automatic firearms,” Chibis specified.

It seems that another flashpoint is developing. The situation is getting tense along the whole frontline. In my opinion, the special people came with a special purpose – to harass us,” the Commander noted. “We do not fire back since we have a strict order – do not respond to the provocations.”

He did not exclude that the Ukrainian military is deliberately provoking the People’s Militia in order to have a pretext for an offensive in this particular region, where the Ukrainian army can cross the Severskiy Donets river.

We are ready for this. We are defending our houses, our relatives, and we are not going to retreat,” he stressed.

Over the past day, Ukrainian military shelled the positions of LPR People’s Militia 6 times.

On the Meeting in Minsk on August 26th, 2016, the members of the Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in Donbass reached an agreement on the establishment of the continuing ceasefire in Donbass starting from September 1st. This is the ninth agreement on the maintenance of the ceasefire since the autumn of 2014. Starting from September 1st, Ukrainian military repeatedly violated the ceasefire, including by shelling by weaponry, which should have been withdrawn according to the Minsk agreements. Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics called for a complete and unconditional ceasefire since September 15th. Kiev junta promised to maintain the ceasefire, but the People’s Militia registered the violations of the ceasefire obligations almost every day.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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