Fourth Reich in the middle of Europe: Torchlight procession in Kiev (photos)

16.10.2016, Kiev.

Thousands of Ukrainian Nazis marched through the capital of Ukraine shouting “Ukraine above all!” holding torches in their hands on October 14, Federal News Agency reported.

Skinheads in combat clothing and military uniform were shouting “Death to Russia”, “Hang the Moskals!”, “Glory to heroes!”, “Death to enemies!” and other nationalist mottoes.



This is the way Ukrainian Neo-Nazis celebrated the 74th anniversary of creation of Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which fought during World War II on the side of fascists. Now Ukraine celebrates this day as the “Fatherland Defender’s Day”. In Donbass, though, this day is called “Punitive Forces Day”, for obvious reasons.

“Peace – after victory”



Earlier another nationalist column of radical “Svoboda” party, which has a large group in the parliament of the country, marched through central Kiev.

“We are happy that our idea of glorifying UPA is positively embraced across all of Ukraine. Now our goal is to make the values of those, who fought for Ukraine’s freedom, state values. When UPA values will come to life, we will have a developed economy and social justice, people will be happy to live on this land. We won’t let neither East, nor, more so, West, to reject our heroes. Bandera is our hero!”, leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok claimed during the march.





Similar marched took place all over Ukraine.


Source: Voskr News

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