Large-scale brigade tactical drills in DPR, part III: Night drills

09.10.2016, DPR.

We visited one of the most important stages of the large-scale days-long drills of DPR People’s Militia — night firing and maneuvers. Just like in the previous days, a large number of military hardware and personnel were engaged in the drills.

The joint brigade-tactical group counter-attacked the two flanks of the opposing force. The skies were lit by illumination flares, the direction of fire was “highlighted” by tracer bullets. The positions of the opposing force were suppressed by small arms, large-caliber machine guns and tanks. The tasks set by commanders were successfully completed, DPR army units polished the cooperation at night time and demonstrated high standards of preparation.


Two years of experience show that the activity of Ukrainian army is the highest during the night. This is why the commanders of the People’s Militia deal a lot of attention to this stage of preparing their soldiers. We will tell in greater detail about the night drills in one of the upcoming video reports.


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