Large-scale brigade tactical drills in DPR, part II: Stream crossing

09.10.2016, DPR.

The second stage of the several-days long brigade tactical drills of DPR People’s Militia took place on October 5. Crossing the stream as a part of counter-offensive after successfully repelling an attempt of the enemy to break through the lines of defense of the Republic was exercised.

The hardware crossed the stream on the go, without any preparation of the place of crossing by combat engineers. Tanks and trucks crossed through the ford, while the infantry fighting vehicles crossed the stream by swimming. Having crossed the stream, the brigade tactical group suppressed the gun nests of the enemy and dug in on the opposite bank.

Republic’s Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov was present at the training grounds and evaluated the result of the drills as a solid “B”. All targets were eliminated, the results of the units that participated in the drills were within the training standards. The 3rd brigade of DPR Armed Forces, with several battalion-tactical groups and a tank battalion from other divisions of the army assigned to it, was the main striking force.

We will cover all stages of the drills in greater detail in one of the upcoming video reports.


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