People’s Teacher of USSR: Teachers in Donbass displayed courage during the war

04.10.2016, DPR.

People’s Teacher of the USSR (a title awarded in USSR to teachers for contributing to the educational system of the country – Editor) Viktor Shatalov congratulated the teachers of Donetsk People’s Republic with their professional day on October 2nd. In his interview to Donetsk News Agency, he expressed his assurance that the spirit of Donbass will not be broken thanks to the teachers.

Poroshenko said that our children will sit in basements instead of going to school. A greater vileness is hard to imagine,” Shatalov said. “But he did not take into account the courage, self-sacrifice, and patriotism of our people, and also of our teachers. Thanks to such teachers, the spirit of Donbass will not be broken, and Poroshenko’s prophecies will never come true.”

Shatalov added that Kiev is intentionally pressuring Donbass “to make people lose spirit and give up”. “There is no need to panic no matter what is going around. You just must do your work and be sure that the truth will always triumph over lies,” Shatalov wished to the teachers. “Children will follow your example, and you will bring up wonderful followers.”

The Day of Teachers and Scientists is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of October. The tradition of this celebration is dated back to the times of the USSR. In those times, the profession of a teacher was highly respected and prestigious. The official status of this holiday was established by the decree of DPR Head. This year, the holiday is celebrated on October 2nd.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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