DPR tactical drills preparation (photo report)

03.10.2016, DPR.

Tactical drills preparation is underway on one of the training grounds in Donetsk People’s Republic. The drills will start tomorrow in the morning.


The personnel of 100mm anti-tank MT-12 “Rapira” guns battery conduct gun maintenance and camouflage them.



MT-12 is very accurate and is meant for striking the personnel, armored vehicles, as well as enemy’s blindages and covers. The ammunition includes armor-piercing discarding sabots, high-explosive fragmenting and high-explosive anti-tank warheads. Direct hit range is up to 3 km. Time of mounting and dismounting of the gun is one minute. The gun crew consists of six people: commander, senior gun-layer, light multi-purpose armored towing vehicle driver and three crew members.


These guns are trophies. They have been captured during the battles for Debaltsevo. They have marks left by Ukrainian military.


The personnel of the battery of the anti-tank guns will practice moving out, mounting and dismounting the guns, shooting, aiming the gun at different targets. Preparation is underway on the command post, communications are being checked.


Log pillboxes are being examined to practice tactical defense.


In case of abnormal situations the crew of an armored repair-evacuation vehicle and a fire crew are ready to step in.



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