Memorial plaque to the warriors, who fought for their land (photo report)

01.10.2016, DPR.

On September 28 Essence of Time mission in Donbass members visited school № 3 in Kirovskoye town, DPR, where the unveiling of the memorial plaque with the name of school’s graduates who died for the freedom of Donbass took place. Four young guys who studied in this school died during the two and a half years of the civil war — Roman Gnilitsky, Oleg Krasnikov, Daniil Surovkin and our brother, Essence of Time unit soldier Igor Yudin, call sign Bolgarin. Igor was mortally wounded on January 17, 2015 in Donetsk airport, when a small group of militiamen defended the “Monastery” position and stopped the Ukrainian tank group from breaking through to Donetsk.



A rally took place in the school lobby. The head of city administration, representatives of non-government organizations, teachers and comrades-in-arms of the deceased gave speeches. Comrade Kontrabas spoke on behalf of Essence of Time unit.



The memory of the heroes was honored by a moment of silence, after which flowers were laid at the memorial plaque.




After the rally militiamen of the unit were invited to a meeting with senior high school students, who were listening with great attention the memories of Igor’s fellow militiamen and his teachers about what kind of person he was.



The memorial plaque and the portraits of the heroes will now become a place of special honoring in the school. The memory of warriors, who gave their lives in the struggle against Bandera Nazism, will live forever in our hearts. As long as we remember them, they are alive.

Eternal glory to the Heroes!




Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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