Medical tourniquets for servicemen in Avdeevka industrial zone (photo report)

30.09.2016, DPR.

Last week we visited the positions of 11th motorized rifle regiment in the area in the area of Yasinovataya checkpoint and Avdeevka industrial zone. We brought approximately 200 medical tourniquets with us and gave them to the commander of the 4th company, call sign Georgian. This is only a part of the aid bought by caring citizens of Russia and Ufa-based cell of Essence of Time movement and recently delivered to Donetsk People’s Republic from Ufa, Russia.



Yasinovataya-Avdeevka part of the frontline remains to be one of the hottest ones these days. Rarely a day passes here without anybody getting wounded. Despite the declared “ceasefires”, Ukrainian army fires heavy artillery and even Uragan multiple-launch rocket systems. The enemy also often uses “home-made adapters” to fire 82mm mortar shells by RPG-7.







The enemy uses UAVs to adjust artillery fire, which we witnessed for ourselves. A few minutes later after the enemy’s drone appeared in the sky, the shelling of our positions began. Following the commander’s order, soldiers opened suppression fire at the “birdie”.



Georgian’s car.


We thank Ufa residents and everybody who cares about the fate of Donbass. This aid will save a lot of lives here.


Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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