"Lesson of Peace" dedicated to Beslan tragedy took place in Makeevka school (photo report)

21.09.2016, Makeevka.

On September 19 we visited Makeevka school № 53, where a “Lesson of Peace” dedicated to the tragedy in Beslan took place. The children watched a documentary about the horrible events of 2004. On the Day of Knowledge, September 1, terrorists attacked a school in the town of Beslan in North Ossetia, a republic in the Russian Federation, taking over a thousand people hostage. 335 people died in that terrorist attack, 186 of them were children.

Students of Makeevka school recited poems and sang a song, which tell that children don’t need war. Everyone one of them wrote a letter to the children who survived the terrorist attack in Beslan, and the parents, who lost their children on that day. The letters will be sent to Ossetia.

Texas and Lom told the students that everyone must defend their freedom, oppose fascism and terrorism, fight for the better future for all the people of Earth, and that much depends on the young generation, which will tomorrow take the place of current defenders of Motherland.

The students gave the “doves of peace”, which they made themselves, to the soldiers. They wished the soldiers victory and soonest peace.

Donetsk People’s Republic. Makeevka school #53












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