Kiev’s militants kill 2, take prisoner 8 combat engineers of DPR

28.06.2016, Donbass.

Two combat engineers of Donetsk People’s Republic were killed, eight were taken prisoner by Ukrainian militants in the area of the frontline Shyrokino village, DPR Deputy Operations Commander Eduard Basurin stated today during his daily briefing in Donetsk News Agency press-center.

A combat engineer group of an independent DPR unit on June 27 was conducting planned demining of the territory in the area of Shyrokino village, coordinated with the OSCE mission. A recon group of the 54th Ukrainian army brigade and a unit of the volunteer Ukrainian army moved out to the same area to capture the combat engineers, while being covered by artillery fire. As a result of the artillery fire two DPR servicemen died, eight suffered heavy concussions, as a result of which, having no possibility to resists, were taken prisoners,” Basurin informed.

He added that the Ukrainian side was informed about the demining operation near Shyrokino, Kiev had the information regarding the time and place of the demining. “Knowing the place and time of the operation, Ukrainian commanders issued an order to open artillery fire at that area,” the Deputy Commander noted.

According to DPR Operations Command, 25 militants participated in directly capturing eight combat engineers.

The bodies of the two killed combat engineers were evacuated today by DPR Defense Ministry forces.

DPR Defense Ministry earlier informed that yesterday in the evening all of the southern frontline was under massive fire of Ukrainian heavy artillery (at least 100 artillery shells were fired). Even Ukrainian representatives of the Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination were shelled. They already confirmed the fact of the gross violation of the ceasefire by Kiev in their reports.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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