Koba: Three days in July 2014 in Donetsk. Part 1

While we were on the road to Donetsk in July 2014, during some of the most violent days of the war in Donbass, I asked Sergei Kurginyan, the leader of “Essence of Time” movement, why does he risk so much. He said that something really bad is brewing here. And he doesn’t fully understand yet what exactly. It’s just, he said, there are times, when you feel something. He was right: two days later Strelkov betrayed the people of Donbass and surrendered half of the country, together with its people, to Nazi occupation. This is the story of the three days in July 2014, during the time when Ukrainian Nazis could have captured all of Donbass.

On July 3, 2014, an incident happened on the border. A young border guard didn’t want to let Kurginyan into LPR. I said that he is going to “Vostok” battalion, to which the young guy replied that Kurginyan’s hands look nothing like the hands of a soldier, and that he is too old to fight in a war. Then a higher ranking officer said to the young man: “Do you think the only thing people do during the war is shoot? War also demands thinking.”

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