“Essence of Time” unit report: Ukrainian army occupies new territories

28.04.2016, DPR.

During the night of April 26th-27th, Ukrainian artillery deliberately shelled “Elenovka” checkpoint. Five civilians including a pregnant woman were killed. Ten people sustained various degrees of injury. The fire was opened by the militants of Aidar Battalion* using 120mm mortars from the occupied Taramchuk township.

In Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the hottest spots are Zaytsevo, the industrial area of Avdeevka town, and Skahanka township. Over the past two days, the number of shellings increased across the front-line. Enemy’s drones and snipers are very active.

On April 26th, it was reported that the Ukrainian army occupied spoil tips located in the buffer zone in the Dokuchaevsk-Elenovka part of the front. Thus the Ukrainian side is able to fire at the approaches to the positions of the DPR Armed Forces.

* According to Amnesty International, militants of Aidar Battalion are involved in kidnappings, illegal arrests, ill-treatment, theft, blackmail, extortion of large sums of money and possibly executions of detainees.


Source: “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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