Ukrainian army fired almost 120 shells at Dokuchaevsk and Gorlovka outskirts

23.04.2016, DPR.

Last night, Ukrainian fighting units fired 119 shells at the outskirts of Dokuchaevsk and Gorlovka, a source in the Defense Ministry of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) informed Donetsk News Agency.

The Ukrainian military was shelling Dokuchaevsk town, Yasnoe township, Zaytsevo, and Shirokaya Balka villages from 6.30 PM till 11.30 PM. 95 120mm mortar shells and 24 82mm mortar shells were fired at this town and villages,” the source stated.

According to the source, the enemy was shelling from the positions in Novotroitsk, Berezovoe, Zhovanka, and Novgorodskoye villages.

The weapons of infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers, and small arms were used along with mortars.

Yesterday the area of Yasinovataya was shelled by the Ukrainian military, who fired almost 40 mortar shells.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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