Get well soon, Goodwin!


Kot speaking. Our comrade Goodwin has been wounded again. He came under Ukrainian artillery fire on the positions near Yasinovataya road police post. Automatic grenade launcher shell exploded nearby, its splinters cut Goodwin’s legs and hands.

It’s not the first time he has been wounded – in January 2015 Goodwin and another soldier of the “Essence of Time” unit in Donetsk, Accord, came under mortar fire in Donetsk airport. Both were severely injured in their legs. At that time Goodwin was able to provide first aid to Accord and didn’t let him die of blood loss. The guys had a few complicated operations before they started to walk again. Despite the fact that their legs never fully recovered, both returned to the combat positions.

Today we visited Goodwin at the hospital. Fortunately, his wounds are light, the doctors removed splinters, and Goodwin is going to be back in action in a few days. The sector of the front near Yasinovataya still remains to be one of the hottest ones.

Get well soon, brother!

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