Syrian army liberates Palmyra, sappers start to clear the streets of the city of mines

27.03.2016, Palmyra.

Sapper units of the Syrian Arab Army start defusing the mines in the houses and streets of Palmyra, a source in the command HQ of the offensive operation in Palmyra told RIA Novosti.

Specialists start to clearing the streets and houses of Palmyra. Terrorists had placed a large number of mines, roadside bombs and improvised explosive devices in the most unexpected places,” the source said.

According to him, the suicide belts with explosives on the bodies of killed terrorists, who were supposed to cover the retreat of the main forces of the militants from Palmyra, were defused first.

Earlier a source in the command HQ of the offensive operation told RIA Novosti that combat in Palmyra had come to an end, the last centers of terrorist resistance were suppressed. The army and the militia are in full control over the city.

The ancient ruins of Palmyra are one of the six UNESCO world heritage sites in Syria. It was captured by militants in mid-May. Before leaving the city, Syrian army evacuated most of its residents and the most valuable historical relics of the central museum of Palmyra. After the city was captured, the ancient ruins and temples faced the possibility of destruction by ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) militants.


Source: RIA Novosti

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