A visit to combat positions near Yasinovataya road police post (photos)

25.03.2016, DPR.

Altay speaking. Texas and I have returned from the positions near Avdeevka, where we spent a whole day. The area of Yasinovataya road police post remains to be one of the most intense parts of the frontline.



In early March, having violated the agreements, Ukrops have captured the buffer zone and approached the road leading towards Gorlovka. The commanders of the Corps made the decision to force the enemy to return to initial positions. Six days ago, after exhausting trench combat, the 11th motorized rifle regiment, with the support of an internal troops of DPR Special Rapid Response Unit, managed to push the enemy out of the most of the industrial zone. Having lost the advantage and retreating with losses, the Ukrainian side immediately requested a ceasefire and called for OSCE monitors. The combat returned to trench warfare stage.




Having arrived, we met our old friends – Gruzin, Nik, Gudvin and many others. Gruzin’s company and “Essence of Time” unit fought in Spartak last spring shoulder to shoulder.




The guys now defend the positions in the industrial zone and country house village near Avdeevka, with the enemy there being only 20 meters away. Gruzin told us about the situation and showed us around the place, which was occupied just a few days ago by Ukrainian soldiers. Moving from cover to cover, we have been to almost all of the first line.






The Ukrops entrench, fortify their positions, place mines at the approaches. Two days ago a Ukrainian “Ural” truck blew up on their own mine. Its burned frame could have been seen with binoculars.






Currently most of the human losses are a result of the work of their snipers. The enemy uses NATO bullets and good scopes. We had several people wounded and one shot dead in his back in the past week. Our guys fight back, fight in complicated sniping duels.


Enemy artillery also takes lives. We saw three DPR army servicemen heavily wounded by automatic grenade launcher fire. And this happened despite the fact that OSCE monitors were still present at the checkpoint.


The intensity of fire visibly increased by the evening. The enemy started firing anti-tank guns, 82mm and heavy 120mm mortars. We stayed for the night on “Bliznetsy” (“Twins”) position, which was called this way due to two similar massive bunkers.




The soldiers gave us a warm welcome — gave us hot soup, tea. We had the chance to dry our soaking wet clothes and boots. The enemy had to be suppressed by automatic grenade launcher fire several times during the night — Ukrops immediately calmed down after that.


We are now working on the video we filmed. Stay tuned, it will be interesting!

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