Test-drive of a trophy GAZ-66 truck (photos)

24.03.2016, DPR.

On March 20 we had a test drive of our captured GAZ-66. This old Soviet truck formerly had been used by the Ukrainian army, but after the fighting for the airport in the winter of 2015 it passed on to serve the “Essence of Time” unit.

There is a caption on its windshield – «ДЕСАНТИРУЕМАЯ», which stands for both “Air-droppable” and “Amphibious”. Despite the car’s age it is well preserved, but we had to work hard to bring it into working condition. “Essence of Time” unit member call sign “Iris” took on everything concerning restoration. Everything necessary was repaired or replaced. Also, the truck had its heart transplanted – now a torquey diesel engine lively rattles under the hood instead of a gluttonous petrol one! It drives perfectly now! “Texas”, who had driven trucks back in the USA, easily mastered this rarity of a vehicle, too.

"Texas" driving the trophy GAZ-66
“Texas” driving the trophy GAZ-66


"Texas" and "Lom"
“Texas” and “Lom”


"Gazetchik" and "Lom"
“Gazetchik” and “Lom” with camouflage netting

We used part of the money you had sent to the account of the “Essence of Time” unit to buy white camouflage netting. We plan to equip the car with a mounting for collective weapon.

Source: “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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