Eduard Basurin: Precise Ukrainian casualties at Yasinovataya checkpoint are known

15.03.2016, Donbass.

The recent attempt to capture a checkpoint near Yasinovatoya city by Ukrainian Armed forces had 31 soldiers dead and 73 wounded – new reports show.

We know exactly which units had losses March 7 to 9 according to reports by Ukrainian media. 16th battalion of 58th Independent Infantry Brigade lost 18 men dead and 41 wounded during the provocative attack. Besides, 74th independent reconnaissance battalion lost 13 men dead and 32 injured”, said Eduard Basurin, the Deputy Defense Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic during a briefing in Donetsk News Agency.

The Kiev regime seeks to conceal the scale of losses. Reportedly, there are attempts being made to arrange for concealed burials for the dead.

DPR Ministry of Defense holds the head of OSCE mission in Ukraine Alexandr Hug and Ukraine’s representative with Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination and Stabilization of Demarcation Line major general Andrey Taran responsible for the ongoing situation around Yasinovatoya, as they take no effort to settle down disputes.

Moreover, General Taran is said to be pushing DPR commanders to abandon their positions.

This is not the first time Kiev has fueled suspicion in attempts to conceal the real number of losses. The Ukrainian side often resorts to covert burials and claiming soldiers went missing.

OSCE has come under criticism by DRP leaders. In August 2015, DPR head Zakharchenko said: “OSCE fails to register shelling of our civilians. They didn’t include those murdered in the recent two weeks in their report. The policy is one-sided. When someone dies on the Ukrainian side – those figures end up in the report. When we suffer losses – no reports are made. These are double standards”.



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