“Right Sector” decided not to formalize its legal status

04.02.2016, Ukraine.

Ukrainian neo-Nazi organization “Right sector” decided not to obtain legal status under current Ukrainian authorities, TASS news agency reported citing the public affairs secretary of the organization Artyom Skoropadski on February 2nd.

According to TASS, Skoropadski stated that legalization is not reasonable, since the current Ukrainian authorities, in the opinion of the leaders of “Right Sector” (organization banned in Russia), are a regime of internal occupation. “We state clearly that Poroshenko’s government is a regime of internal occupation. We are absolutely not interested in the legalization under the regime of internal occupation,” Skoropadski said.

Earlier, on January 26th, the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios characterized “Right sector” as an illegal armed group.

Brief overview. Neo-Nazi organization “Right sector” was established as a combat wing of supporters of “maidan” (“banana revolution” in Ukraine in 2013). Later, the punitive battalions formed from militants of this group were involved in executions, kidnapping, tortures, and murder of civilians in the southeast of Ukraine.

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