Ukrainian Crimea blockade leader predicts war for the peninsula

24.01.2016, Ukraine.

The return of Crimea to Ukraine will not be peaceful, it will be hostile ‒ this opinion was expressed by the chief of staff of the “activists” of the blockade of Crimea Lenur Islyamov on Radio Crimea.Realities.

He believes that in the future, sanctions will create significant economic hardships in Russia and the military will take the power from Russian President Vladimir Putin. The military elite, having taken over the government, will not act diplomatically, but will instead turn to active warfare to further occupy Ukraine. Meanwhile, the continuously strengthening Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions will proceed to successfully counter-attack and liberate all the territories of independent Ukraine.

Previously, Lenur Islyamov declared the formation of the voluntary battalion “Crimea” in the Kherson area, for which more than 250 people already signed up.

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