Relatives of MH17 crash victims dissatisfied with slow investigation pace

14.01.2016, the Netherlands.

The relatives of the victims of MH17 flight which was shot down in Ukraine have expressed discontent at the slow pace of the investigation of the tragedy in a letter published on January 13. They address the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, asking him to do everything possible to speed up the process.

Why does it (the investigation) take so long? Why doesn’t the country apply more pressure (on all sides involved) to find out the reasons of the crash?” the letter reads.

The letter especially emphasizes that neither the Prime Minister, nor the Netherlands Security Council are able to influence receiving the radar data from the day of the crash from Ukraine, Russia and the USA. The relatives consider this information to be very important, yet, they do not believe the explanations of the junta’s government that civil radar stations were on maintenance on the day of the crash. The relatives also remind that U.S. State Secretary John Kerry said on August 12, 2014, that the American government has all the information regarding the launch, trajectory and the hit of the rocket into the plane.

This is unacceptable that such important information is being concealed from the public,” the relatives of the victims note in the letter. They remind that this information must be requested immediately, since later, according to International Civil Aviation Organization rules, it might be too late.

Source: TASS

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