Kiev junta shells Cominternovo, 5 houses damaged

01.01.2016, Cominternovo.

The head of Novoazovsk region of Donetsk People’s Republic Oleg Morgun said that five houses were damaged by Kiev junta’s punitive forces shelling of Cominternovo village.

Yesterday Cominternovo was shelled, five houses got hit – one suffered a direct hit, the shell didn’t explode, windows, walls, roofs were damaged in the other four by shell fragments,” head of the administration said.

According to him, Kiev junta’s militants shelled the village several times during the day. “First they shelled at approximately 12, then at around 18:00. They hit it with something large, definitely larger than 100mm,” Oleg Morgun noted.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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