Punitive forces continue to escalate the situation on the frontline

27.12.2015, DPR.

Kiev junta’s punitive forces violated the ceasefire yet again and shelled Sakhanka village in Novoazovsk region, Zaytsevo village near Gorlovka, Zhabichevo village near Donetsk, according to Donetsk News Agency, by 82mm and 120mm mortars, APCs, small arms and grenade launchers.

Lately there is an increase in systematic attempts of the punitive forces to compromise Donetsk People’s Republic in the eyes of the world community by provoking the Republic to react with force. Considering the supremacy of Kiev regarding work of mass media, the political and informational support of the EU and USA, any military reaction by DPR will allow Kiev to legitimately use heavy weaponry against the civil population of Donbass and to start an acute phase of the armed conflict.

DPR and LPR currently conduct the politics of avoiding the military solution of the question and shift the conflict to the area of politics and mass media. With such a tactic of non-classical warfare the time is one the side of the Republics, as the Nazi forces in Ukraine are not able to solve a single political, economic or social problem. The only magic wand of the Kiev junta is the start of a military operation which will allow to “explain” all of the accumulated problems in the Ukrainian state and to direct the just protest of the people against the Ukrainians in Donbass and against Russia.

Consequently, the main question now is whether the Kiev junta will be able to provoke military actions in Donbass or will it collapse under the pressure of problems which it had created itself.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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