"Right Sector" Neo-Nazis forced three Odessa judges to resign during court session

30.11.2015, Odessa.

Right Sector“, “Azov” and other Neo-Nazi militants have blocked the exists from the court building in Odessa after judges ruled out that five “AntiMaidan” activists may be released on bail. A number of Odessa “AntiMaidan” activists were detained after Euromaidan participants attacked them and burned 48 people alive on May 2, 2014. “AntiMaidan” activists are being accused of attacking themselves.

The blockade of the court continued for 8 hours. Neo-Nazis forced three judges to resign. After that the decision to allow the possibility of “AntiMaidan” activists to be released on bail was cancelled. Journalists were not allowed to be present in the hallway of the court where and when this decision was made public. “Odessa Maidan Self-Defense”, “Right Sector” and “Azov” militants, however, were allowed to be present.

According to UN, all evidence on the massacre of May 2, 2014, has been destroyed, the crime has never been properly investigated.

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Source: RIA Novosti

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