Nuclear power plants in Ukraine have reduced output due to sabotage on electric power lines

24.11.2015, Ukraine.

According to Yuri Kasich, the first deputy director of “Ukrenergo”, emergency power reduction of nuclear power plants in Ukraine happened after electricity pylons in the Kherson region, which supply electricity to Crimea, among other places, were blown up.

All these developments led to the need for additional emergency disconnection of two units at thermal power plants, the Pridnieprovskaya and Uglegorskaya, from the power grid, as well as emergency unloading of nuclear power plants of Ukraine to 500 MW. These are Zaporozhskaya and South Ukrainian nuclear power plants. I want to note that such emergency unloading of nuclear power is very dangerous,” said Kasich.

In addition, Kasich had previously stated that the accident could cause a blackout of fifty areas of Kherson and Nikolayev regions. Repair of destroyed pylons could take three to four days, if, of course, the maintenance crews will be able to access them. Currently, however, the participants of the blockade of the Crimea prevent the repair workers from doing their job.


Source: TASS

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