New gas prices are too high for many Ukrainians

18.11.2015, Ukraine.

While the Kiev junta begs for money to fund a new war in Donbas, ordinary Ukrainians are left to the mercy of fate. Prices and tariffs continue to increase in the country and have already become unbearable for many people; senior citizens are in an especially desperate situation.

According to TASS, a retired senior citizen from the village Lysyanka in the Cherkasy oblast committed suicide after she received gas bills based on new prices.

Her suicide note states, “Blame my death on Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk.” She attached the 4,000 hryvnia (approximately $175) gas bill to the note. A single woman simply did not have the money to pay for gas – the average pension in Ukraine is 1670 hryvnia.

Commenting commented on the increase in tariffs, Arseny Yatsenyuk said that “Gas will not be cheaper, there is no cheaper gas in the world. We did all that we could do. 7,200 hryvnia (over $300) is the highest price for gas; Ukrainian citizens, who consume up to 200 cubic meters of gas (per month), in fact pay 3,600 hryvnia (about $155) – 50% of the market value.”


Source: TASS

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