Kiev junta's Special Forces organized a provocation in Gorlovka outskirts

13.11.2015, Gorlovka.

The provocation near Mayorsk block on the northern outskirts of Gorlovka was conducted on November 8 by Kiev Special Forces disguised as militia. Deputy Commander of Donetsk People’s Republic Ministry of Defense Eduard Basurin stated during the briefing in the press center of Donetsk News Agency:

We have received confirmation of an organized provocation on November 8 near Mayorsk where Ukrainian Special Forces, dressed in old-style military uniforms of DPR Armed Forces, delivered small-arms and mortar fire at Ukrainian Armed Forces units, simulating an attack,” – said the Defense Ministry Deputy Commander.

He added that as a result of poorly organized special operation one officer of junta’s military was wounded, as the so-called headquarters of “Anti-terrorist operation” (as the Kiev junta refers to the war in Donbass – ed.) informs.

Source: Donetsk News Agency

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